About Us

The business has been in existence since 1991 (recently re-named), dealing with both local and national companys’ payroll administration.

A family run and owned business, we pride ourselves on fast turn around, and place immense importance on meeting each and every deadline. Our personal guarantee reflects how important this is to us.

Having relatively low overheads we are able to offer our service at a fraction of the cost many city based payroll firms need to charge.


  • Supplying personalised time-sheets designed to your exact needs.
  • Weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly or monthly payroll calculations (based on information provided by yourselves)
  • All calculations concerning additions and deductions to gross pay ie. PAYE, National Insurance (employers and employees), SSP, SMP, Holiday Pay, Student Loans, Child Support Agency Payments, Pensions etc etc.
  • Detailed Payslips for each employee.
  • Payroll Summary Report, detailing totals for gross pay, deductions, additions and net pay.
  • Employee Earnings Summary Report, listing each employee’s gross and net pay, itemising all adjustments.
  • Monthly (or quarterly) reports detailing your PAYE and NI liability.
  • All Reports in Hard Copy or by e-mail in PDF Format.
  • K Code calculations.

Outsourcing of payroll administration has become increasingly popular, with companies accepting it as a far more cost effective method of paying employees.


It is no longer necessary to employ dedicated payroll staff, as StressFree Payroll can take care of the complete payroll operation for you.

Whether you are a small business with only a few staff, or a large corporation employing several hundred or several thousand, we have the expertise and experience to ensure that your payroll is always delivered on time.

With our charges starting from as little as £0.60 per payslip our service is regarded by all our existing customers as particularly affordable, releasing your trained key staff to concentrate on being pro-active where it matters most (growing your business) – and not tied up with non productive PAYE and NI issues.


Many clients are now using our Security Payslips option, with their employees receiving their pay details within a sealed mailer.

Three different pricing options exist.

Security Payslips – posted First Class directly to each employee @ £0.70 each (plus postage)
Security Payslips – posted Second Class directly to each employee @ £0.70 each (plus post)
Security Payslips – all posted to one business address @ £0.70 each (plus postage at cost).

There are no minimum quantities or minimum charges for Security Payslips.


A cheaper alternative to Security Payslips is to have the standard (pdf) version personalised with your company logo (or other artwork). The majority of clients who chose this option have their logo covering the whole of the payslip, printed as a watermark to avoid obliterating payslip figures.

The cost of this option is just 50p per payslip, though a £1.00 minimum charge per payrun exists.

The majority of the time, the initial artwork file can be created free of charge, however we reserve the right to make a small charge if the creation of the file is particularly time consuming.

All prices are subject to VAT


Have you considered paying your staff using our popular BACS payments service?

With negligible one-off set up costs and charges per payment running at far less than those made by banks for cheque payments, this is another cost effective option to aid the smooth running of your administration. No more writing numerous, expensive cheques – as soon as you agree the payrun we instigate the payments from your account, and in three days time your employees receive cleared funds into their personal bank accounts. (We understand this maybe cut to a two day cycle in the near future).

Potential time and money savings to clients are as follows:-

Avoid hand-writing numerous cheques – costing circa £0.65.

  • No more mailing of cheques to external workers.
  • De-clutter your bank statements – only one entry appears per bulk instruction (you do receive a detailed breakdown of all payments however).
  • The whole payment process handled for you as an extension to the payroll service – all we need from the client is to confirm the payroll reports and we do all the rest.
  • Release key members of staff to work more beneficially for the business.
  • Your monthly or quarterly liabilities payment to HMRC can also be included, as can payments to your suppliers.

In an attempt to keep our pricing structure as simplistic as possible, charges are as follows.

Initial Set-Up – £25.00
This covers the creation of a specific template file, containing relevant bank details, authorities etc. This charge is a one-off.

Transaction Charges (based on the number of transactions per instruction)

  • 1 to 10 transactions @ £0.35p each
  • 11 to 50 transactions @ £0.28p each
  • 51 to 100 transactions @ £0.25p each
  • 101 to 250 transactions @ £0.23p each
  • Over 250 transactions @ £0.20p each

A minimum charge (per instruction) £3.00 exists – only instigated where the total transaction charges are under £3.00. In such instances the individual transactions are not charged.

Costing Examples:-

  • An instruction containing 120 payments would cost £27.60 (120 x £0.23)
  • An instruction containing 24 payments would cost £6.72 (24 x £0.28)
  • An instruction containing 12 payments would cost £3.36 (12 x £0.28)
  • An instruction containing 6 payments would cost £3.00 (Min Charge)

All prices are subject to VAT.