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When you use our quote system, you will be asked to complete a maximum of five short sections of questions, all of which should be quite straight forward to any existing or potential employer. If you are a new employer, the system is simplified as there are considerably less questions to answer. After Submitting you receive an instant quote which details any one-off setup costs and shows separately the ongoing monthly costs based on the information submitted.


If you have requested in the Quote Form that we contact you then we soon will. Otherwise, you are obviously very welcome to call or email us asking any other questions you have. Employers’ scenarios can vary drastically, but one of the main topics of early conversations will be to establish how we can obtain all of the relevant information from you to enable us to complete your payroll calculations. When and how you provide us with the necessary payrun data will be equally important to both parties, and a strong idea of how we can best interact can soon be established.


When you decide to place your trust in us, you will receive a jargon-free GDPR contract which needs signing and returning before we can receive any employee data. You will also be asked to provide us with a password which both parties are required to use to encrypt any personal information.

Once Step 3 is complete you will just need to choose from the two following options to complete the process…

If you are a new employer

  • If you have requested that we set up a PAYE Scheme for you, there will be a separate word document to complete as we will need a small amount of further information about your business.
  • You will receive a word format copy of our New Starter Form, which shows the information that we will require entering onto separate copies for each and every employee.
  • If you prefer, you can request a different spreadsheet, into which you can enter the data for all employees, which makes it a simpler overall task if there are several employees.

If you are already an employer

  • Depending on the depth of the conversations held so far, we may ask a few further questions about how your payroll is currently administered, or if we already have sufficient knowledge of your requirements we will merely email you with a reminder of previous discussions with a checklist of the details we will require from you.

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